16 MY Vava II

Providing reliable shore to ship power and independent bow thruster supply.

A 600 KVA shore power converter was installed on board MY Vava to provide a reliable shore to ship connection. When disconnected from shore the converter operates two independent 300 KW bow thrusters. All equipment is installed in the aft with 100m cable length between converter and bow.

Active front-end rectification minimises supply disturbances and maximises generator power when online.

The entire system was installed in a compact compartment space with no external ventilation.

Water cooling by means of heat extraction was installed to maintain compartment temperature.

For reliable transfer from ship to shore the converter synchronises to a live ship bus without any additional power switching or synchronisation procedure. A power limit was also interfaced to the PMS to prevent each separate converter overloading during transfer, and includes a power limit load-shedding routine for a smooth transfer of power to generator.

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