10 SY Twizzle

Preventing light flicker.

SY Twizzle Cleannet™

The experienced owner of SY Twizzle requested protection of the lighting network to prevent light flicker. The interior and exterior furnishing has a comprehensive array of lighting for entertainment and relaxation. Light flicker would not be acceptable. With exhaust burners installed and considerable automation a clean supply could not be guaranteed. A CleanNet™ Converter was installed to protect and isolate the lighting network with a CleanNet™ Supply.

The converter was a high-frequency design and was lightweight and compact

An internal bypass was installed for automatic and seamless transfer in the event of an overload or fault condition.

SY Twizzle Shore Power

For clean and pleasant relaxation in harbour the owner requested a reliable shore to ship connection for worldwide marina connectivity. To maximise space onboard the shore power converter was specially modularised. The yacht is located in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and the installation proves to be a reliable system for both crew and owner.

Seamless transfer from generator to shore is controlled by the converter. When in parallel with the generator, a load-shedding routine is enabled to transfer the load.

A local user-display details the status of the system and identifies any shore supply outages with a time-stamp.

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