Accessories and Options

Single/dual shore cord selector
  • Shore cord selection can be configured for single and supplementary shore cord operation
  • In harbours with low power availability, a second cord can be connected to shore. Each cord input is independent so connection can be made to two completely separate shore supplies. Connection to shore is completely automatic and input phase sequence between cord inputs is non-essential.
Synchronisation for seamless transfer
  • Before a supply is connected to the Main Ship Bus, i.e. generator or shore power, the incoming supply must be synchronised
  • This can be controlled using the Shore Power Converter or generator synchroniser
  • The SP100 and SP200 Shore Power Converter series has built-in synchronisation which can be used to enable seamless transfer of the ship’s electrical load, to and from the converter supply
  • For yachts with two generators without any synchronisation equipment, all SP100 and SP200 Shore Power Converters can seamlessly transfer power from shore power to generator and generator back to shore power.

Parallel load sharing with multiple converters and generators
  • The SP100 and SP200 platforms are extremely flexible with regards to paralleling with other voltage sources – either generator or multiple converter units. Parallel load sharing is achievable using profiles programmed into the converters. This allows the converters to share power with other systems without the need for any additional communication signals or supervisory controls
  • Isochronous control available.
CleanNet™ Operation at Sea

The Magnus option to power the yacht using CleanNet™distribution from the Shore Power Converter at sea, offers many advantages:
  • The converter protects loads sensitive to supply disturbances such as harmonic distortion, voltage sags and frequency instability. The CleanNet™ supply is reserved for sensitive loads such as the lighting and entertainment network, while automation, pumps, winches and air conditioning remain powered by the Main Ship's Bus
  • In harbour, the Main and CleanNet™ distribution is powered by a common bus through the converter. By utilising the same electronics, we can offer impressive space and weight savings. The converter operates as a black-box design: protection starts as soon as it is connected to power.
All-in-one shore power and bow/stern thruster operation

The Magnus option to run bow/stern thrusters from the Shore Power Converter, whilst not berthed, offers many advantages.  As thrusters and shore power converters do not operate together utilising the same electronics, we can offer impressive space and weight savings. Also, with a pure sinusoidal input and output  there are no cable length restrictions or supply disturbances  when in operation. bow-stern-thruster-operation.jpg

Water cooling

Cooling with water significantly improves the performance of the entire system as well as its life expectancy. All heat generated by the system is forced through a heat extraction unit which is chilled by water. Chilled air leaving the heat extraction unit recirculates back into the system as a closed-loop design. Compartment temperature, when the system is online, is well regulated without any additional cooling required. Being sealed, noise is also kept to a minimum <70dBA. Fresh water typically 5-12°C.
Single point extraction

Units can be configured with a single point extraction so heat
generated by the Shore Power Converter can be extracted.
Controlling the heat improves ventilation in the compartment
space efficiently and effectively.

Motorised Monospiral Shore Cable Reel
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
    Ultra-strong design
  • Dual monospiral
    Partial unwind of cable without derating the ship's load, perfect storing of cable, no twisting, crossing or tangling – maximising shore cable life
  • Motorised reeling drum
    For total ease of deploying and retrieving shore power cable with a high efficiency geared motor
  • Slip ring operation – always connected
    Slip rings uniquely designed to sit within the standard unit offer permanent connection.
CR100 4 core 25-35mm2
O/D 25-30mm
880 530 1100 100
CR200 4 core 50-70mm2
O/D 32-38mm
1040 620 1250 189
CR300 4 core 95-120mm2
O/D 42-47mm
1250 740 1450 310
CR400 4 core 185-240mm2
O/D 58-65mm
1335 800 1540 400
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