CN200 Yacht Frequency Converter


With increasing on board automation and many different power requirements, it is essential to deliver a clean electrical supply for sensitive loads and guest comfort. Loads sensitive to supply disturbances (such as voltage distortion, sags and frequency instability) can be protected by the installation of a separate supply independent from the ship's AC bus.

The CleanNet™ supply is reserved for sensitive loads, such as  the lighting and entertainment network, while automation,  pumps, winches and air conditioning remain powered by the  Main Ship's Bus.

With CleanNet™ built-in bypass and synchronisation, sensitive on-board equipment has the ultimate protection. 

The transfer to CleanNet™ mode is completely automatic and seamless. In the event of alarm or fault condition, the converter will automatically bypass to the Main Ship's Bus.

The converter operates as a black-box design: protection starts as soon as it is connected to power. 

CN200 benefits, features and options


  • Isolates and protects sensitive equipment from power disturbances
  • Pure sinusoidal clean output supply
  • No interference with sensitive equipment
  • Protects equipment from voltage distortion, voltage sags or frequency instability
  • Quiet, trouble-free operation
  • Fully galvanic isolated output supply.


  • No crew intervention – black-box design
  • Seamless transfer of power between CleanNet™ and bypass 
  • Monitors power demand for seamless bypass operation
  • Automatic transfer to bypass in a converter fault or overload condition
  • Automatic transfer to CleanNet™ when system returns to health 
  • IP43 and 45°C rating as standard


  • Local bypass control and monitoring
  • Cabinet colour

CN200 specification

Type Three phase active rectification
Voltage 208 to 480 VAC +/- 10%
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz +/- 10%
Type Three phase, neutral, isolated earth*
Voltage 208-480 VAC (specified on order)
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Voltage distortion < 1.5% (linear load)
Protection Thermal, overload, short circuit
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
Humidity < 95% non-condensing
Efficiency of system > 92% typical (at full power)
Cooling Forced ventilation/water cooling optional
Noise < 75dBA @ 2m
Enclosure IP43
Standard Colour† Powder-coated RAL 9010
Interface Graphical touchscreen display
Control I/O analogue
Modbus RTU RS485
Features Auto bypass
*Specified on order. All specifications are subject to change.
Other colours available on request
36 kVA 1010 860 815 511
60 kVA 2000 500 800 623
85 kVA 2000 620 900 719
150 kVA 985 1750 980 1117

CN200 testimonial

Sits quietly in the corner of the engine room, doing its thing.
Richard Tatlow
Chief Engineer
S/Y Maltese Falcon
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