FC100/200 Frequency Converter

On-board equipment with alternative supply requirements

Frequency Converters can be installed on board and used to power on-board equipment with supply requirements different to that found on the yacht’s AC distribution. This might include a 120 VAC/60 Hz (US) supply to cabins on European yachts or 230 VAC/50 Hz (European) to US yachts. Items carried on board can then be readily used by guests with connection via European or US socket outlets.

Such converters can also be used to power special equipment, including tenders and specific machinery requiring an alternative supply.

FC100/200 benefits, features and options


  • Reliability and performance guaranteed
  • Lower operating cost with better efficiency
  • No interference with sensitive equipment
  • Protects equipment from voltage distortion, voltage sags or frequency instability
  • Quiet, trouble-free operation
  • Fully galvanic isolated output supply
  • Pure sinusiodal clean output supply
  • Cabinet customisation as standard


  • Minimal supply disturbances with Active Front End as standard
  • Maximum power transfer from Main Ship's Bus
  • Low earth leakage Low earth leakage 
  • Isolated output supply Isolated output supply
  • Digital touchscreen user display
  • RFI protection to prevent supply disturbances
  • Pure sinusiodal clean output supply
  • Rugged overload capability
  • Designed for continuous and automatic operation
  • Low noise operation
  • IP43 and 45°C rating as standard


  • Water cooling
  • Cabinet colour

FC100/200 specification

Type Single or three phases active rectification
Voltage 180 to 520 VAC
Frequency 47 to 64 Hz
Displacement power factor Unity
Type Single or three phases, neutral, isolated output* 
Voltage 208-480 VAC (specified on order)
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Voltage distortion < 2.0% (linear load)
Overload 10 minutes 125% | 30 seconds 150%
Protection Thermal, overload, short circuit
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
Humidity < 95% non-condensing
Efficiency of system  > 92% typical (at full power)
Cooling Forced ventilation/water cooling optional
Noise  < 75dBA @ 2m
Enclosure IP43
Standard Colour† Powder-coated RAL 9010
Interface Graphic display
Digital I/O for control and monitoring
*Specified on order. All specifications are subject to change.
†Other colours available on request
6 kVa 730 860 365 94
18 kVa 1050 810 470 235
36 kVA 1050 620 850 511
85 kVA 1050 1750 980 719
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