Yacht Shore Power Converters

Connect and control your power anywhere in the world.

Hours a day, seven days a week support, for total peace of mind

Why connect to shore power


  • Zero emissions and pollution in harbour
  • Reduced onboard maintenance and energy costs
  • No noise or vibration, greatly improving onboard comfort for crew and guests
  • No interference with neighbouring berths
  • No engineer supervision necessary
  • Exterior and interior kept clean and stain-free
  • Reduced demand for fuel bunkering, which saves cost and time
  • Minimal maintenance and servicing required
  • Increase in yacht’s resale value
  • Complies with future harbour and government demands

Why use a shore power converter rather than an isolation transformer?

  • Connection to any worldwide shore supply: 50 or 60 Hz
  • No inrush, leakage current or phase sequence complications, making connection quick and simple
  • Protects onboard equipment from shore faults such as sags and surges
  • Regulated output with no crew intervention
  • Clean output power for all onboard equipment, including sensitive audio devices
  • No power disturbances when changing supplies: shore to generator and vice versa
  • Can run in parallel with onboard generators when extra power is required
  • Modular design reduces onboard space requirements
  • No hassles or doubts – just ease and simplicity

Unique benefits

Performance guaranteed
Customised design offering huge flexibility which maximises space and improves ventilation
We supply more than a product; from commissioning to assistance throughout the build or refit, we are part of the team
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