SP100 Yacht Shore Power Converter

Connection to any of the common worldwide shore voltage and frequencies, single or three phases. As a result, connection can be made to shore quickly and without fuss, no matter where the yacht is berthed.

Maximisies power availability

Active front-end technology enables maximum power transfer from shore and complies with proposed marina power quality regulations. Control of the shore current prevents tripping of sensitive shore circuit breakers with both low earth leakage and transient current protection.

Continuous clean power output

The output module delivers a clean, stable supply suitable for all types of onboard loads, from utility services (heating, lighting and air conditioning) to entertainment (television and audio) to marine (winch, pumps and navigational equipment).

Graphical display

A colour graphical 7” display provides a clear assessment of the system and its load. Data logging and events can be accessed locally or remotely through a network.

Marine class

Lightweight aluminium construction delivers IP44 protection against engine room dust and swarf. The converter can be bulkhead or deck mounted and can be split into multiple sections to facilitate installation.

SP100 benefits, features and options


  • Full galvanic isolation from shore
  • Quick and easy connection for crew
  • Exceeds shore supply quality regulations
  • Extra power availability on low voltage shore supplies
  • Protection from shore supply faults
  • No interference with sensitive equipment
  • Ventilation design prevents heat recirculation
  • Real time data logging and event through display
  • Reliable with low maintenance
  • Lower operating cost with better efficiency
  • Quiet trouble free operation


  • Worldwide operation – single or three phase supply connectivity
  • Reliable connection to new generation RCD shore breakers
  • No transient current demand on start-up
  • Shore+ boost power availability on low voltage supplies
  • Maximum power transfer from shore supply to yacht
  • Designed for continuous and automatic operation
  • Pure sinusoidal clean output supply
  • Rugged overload capability
  • Reliable with low maintenance
  • Low noise operation
  • Seamless transfer between shore and generator
  • Split cabinet design improves install accessibility


  • External synchroniser for seamless transfer
  • Additional display for switchboard installation
  • Single Point Extraction to improve ventilation
  • Cabinet colour
  • Water cooling

SP100 specification

Type Single or three phases active rectification
Voltage 180 to 520 VAC
Frequency 47 to 64 Hz
Displacement power factor Unity
Type Single or three phases, neutral, isolated earth*
Voltage 208 to 480 VAC
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Voltage distortion < 2.0% (linear load)
Overload 10 minutes 125% | 30 seconds 150%
Protection Thermal, overload, short circuit
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
Humidity < 95% non-condensing
Efficiency of system > 92% typical (at full power)
Cooling Forced ventilation/water cooling optional
Noise < 75dBA @ 2m
Enclosure IP43
Mounting Bulkhead or floor
Standard Colour† Powder-coated RAL 9010
Interface 7” graphical display with history and data log 
Digital I/O for control and monitoring 
Modbus RTU RS485
*Specified on order. All specifications are subject to change.
Other colours available on request
12 kVA 30 Amp 850 1200 400 265
24 kVA 80 Amp 850 1260 400 383
50 kVA 125 Amp 1310 1536 538 680
3 PHASE 280V/120V 60Hz
30 kVA 80 Amp 850 1260 400 318
50 kVA 125 Amp 1310 1466 440 618
80 kVA 200 Amp 1310 1536 538 820
3 PHASE 400V230V 50Hz
30 kVA 125 Amp 850 1260 400 318
50 kVA 125 Amp 850 1466 440 443
80 kVA 200 Amp 1310 1536 538 610
Water cooling increase depth by 150mm and height by 200mm. External chilled fresh water supply 8-10°C 0.5L/sec.

SP100 testimonial

Thanks very much for providing our SP100 24KVA Shore Power Converter and supporting the details we needed to get all our systems working correctly. Your attention to us is very much appreciated as I am sure it must be one of the smallest units that you make. You can be sure that I will recommend your company to other captains.

On-board Virago we have an SP100 24kVA Shore Power Converter. It is used to connect to shore when in harbour and to feed a clean electrical supply when at sea. We can connect to single or 3 phase supplies useful when on world trips. The unit has been in operation for over a year and all looks good significantly reducing the run hours on our generators. The display is remotely located and easily accessible. Support has always been available.
Richard Archer
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