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Delivering dependable marine power solutions to the world's finest yachts


Building for tomorrow, today

At Magnus Marine we always demand the highest standards from our specialist trained staff and suppliers. We have developed strategic partnerships with the world’s best manufacturers to ensure that our systems are efficient, reliable and built to last.

Continuous improvement is our goal and the quality of our systems are always under scrutiny in our pursuit of excellence.

We have a trained and active after sales department, available worldwide to help assist at any time.

World-class design and manufacturing

All our products are designed to individual specifications, so every product is unique. We configure our systems 
around the yacht, rather than the other way round.

Our company focuses on quality and innovation, continuously developing and improving our systems to meet the
changing needs and expectations of our customers. Our aim is to deliver world-class systems with an infrastructure
that is built to last.

Industry leading expertise at every level

Facilities in our purpose-built workshops in the UK include 3D-modelling design and manufacture, clean manufacturing and in-house test facilities. We are able to fully test, under load, every element of the systems as we build them – a facility that is unique in the industry. 

Either on-site or remotely, we are able to support our products as well as resolving other wider system problems our customers may encounter. To serve our worldwide customer base, we have engineering support available in the UK, Spain, New Zealand and the USA.



Distributor of Shore Power Converters for ABB New Zealand, formally Vectek Marine


Set up manufacturing site at Hethel Engineering Centre UK, designing and manufacturing customised converters


Expansion into providing units for new-build projects in shipyards


Awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise


Designed and manufactured our innovative energy storage system on S/Y Black Pearl


Moved to purpose-built engineering site in Wymondham, UK


Opened Magnus Marine BV, in the Netherlands


Launch of the SP150 and a universal remote diagnostics tool to improve worldwide customer support

Our Process

Case Studies

S/Y Bliss 36.7m

Shore Power Converter 50kVA

After returning from worldwide sailing, a 50 kVA Shore Power Converter was retrofitted onboard S/Y Bliss to allow connection to shore when berthed in harbour. The system was fully dismantled to facilitate transportation through the engine room door. The system has a hybrid water cooling system where all heat generated is forced through a heat extraction unit, chilled by water. The chilled air is then circulated back into the compartment space. The temperature outlet, controlled by a 3-way valve, can be adjusted through the system's front panel graphic display.

M/Y Limitless 96.25m

Shore Power Converter 50kVA

A 310 kVA Shore Power Converter was retrofitted and commissioned on the iconic yacht Limitless in 2021. To make better use of available space, the system was modularised with transformer and electronics separately installed. The cabinet was painted using Awlgrip to keep the engine room appearance consistent. The electronics cabinet can be converted from sealed water cooling to forced air by adjusting using the front system panel. The Ship's Bus is 440V IT and to maintain high impedance integrity, the output is fully isolated. To improve future customer support, the M controller was installed.

S/Y Hetairos 66.7m

Shore Power Converter 80 kVA

The majestic and iconic Hetairos upgraded their Shore Power Converter in 2016 to reduce generator runtime when in harbour. To improve sailing performance, the unit was positioned in the bow compartment space and the system is structurally reinforced to facilitate hull forces under sail. Installed in a restricted location, the system is sealed and water cooled using the ship's chilled water supply. A graphic display was installed in the engine room for monitoring and control.

M/Y Madsummer 95m

Virtual Generator 160 kVA / 54 kWh Batteries

Designed and installed during the build, the M/Y Madsummer installation is certified by Lloyds. An energy storage system was installed during the build to improve green credentials and optimise single generator power. The system is 160 kVA with 54 kWh of battery storage, air cooled and relies on forced air ventilation for cooling. The virtual generator has dynamic control, is continually online and delivers power for loads with a high current peak demand, including vessel stabilisers. The converter is installed outside the battery room, which has a large 15" display for battery monitoring and system control.

Netherlands 132m Yacht

Grid/Shore Power 2 MVA and 2 MVA

For this combined Grid/Shore Power Converter and energy storage system, the grid converter was taken from our SP300 platform which utilises the latest 3-level switching. Two independent 1 MVA converter supplies can be switched from the 690V Ship’s Bus to shore and provide a stable 400V 50 Hz supply for utility equipment. Also connected to the 400V Ship’s Bus are two 1 MVA virtual generators which are coupled to 4.8 kWh of lithium-ion batteries. The batteries can peak shave with the ship’s 690V generators or operate standalone for silent ship operation. All the converters have water cooling where heat exchangers, using an inter-cooled water network at sea water temperature, force cool air into the compartment space. 

SY Twizzle 57.5m

Preventing light flicker

The owner of SY Twizzle required protection of their lighting network to prevent light flicker. The interior and exterior furnishings have a comprehensive array of lighting for entertainment and relaxation so light flicker was not acceptable. With exhaust burners installed and considerable automation, a clean supply could not be guaranteed so a CleanNet™ Converter was installed to protect and isolate the lighting network with a CleanNet™ Supply. The converter is a high-frequency design that is lightweight and compact. An internal bypass was also installed for automatic and seamless transfer in the event of an overload or fault condition.

M/Y Falkor 82.9

Shore Power Converter 1MVA

M/Y Falkor is a newly commissioned oceanographic research vessel operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute. To reduce environmental impact whilst in harbour, a Shore Power Converter was installed. The system has 10 levels of built-in redundancy with two galvanically isolated and independent inputs, allowing connection to any worldwide shore supply. The converter has a 690V 60Hz output which is isolated from the ship's IT bus and the M controller provides in-depth monitoring of the system which can be used for remote diagnostics as it travels to remote parts of the globe.

M/Y Vava 94m

Compact design solution

A 600 KVA Shore Power Converter was installed on board to provide a reliable shore to ship connection. When disconnected from shore the converter operates two independent 300kW bow thrusters. All equipment is installed in the shaft with 100m cable length between converter and bow. Active front-end rectification minimises supply disturbances and maximises generator power availability. The entire system was installed in a compact compartment space with no external ventilation. Water cooling by means of heat extraction was installed to maintain compartment temperature. For reliable transfer from ship to shore the converter synchronises to a live ship bus without any additional power switching or synchronisation procedure. A power limit was also interfaced to the PMS to prevent each separate converter overloading during transfer and includes a power limit load-shedding routine for a smooth transfer of power to generator.

M/Y Spectre 70m

Shore Power 300kVA

M/Y Spectre needed to replace their Shore Power Converter to reliably handle peak power conditions onboard. The converter was installed through a small hatch opening in an aft technical storage location with a restricted head room of 1.1m. The converter has built-in water cooling which is required not only to keep the converter cool, but also the compartment space. It has two independent shore cords to maximise power availability and has 50% system redundancy. An M Controller has been integrated for enhanced monitoring and to enable remote diagnostics for rapid support if required.

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